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China factory Stainless Steel Table Top Plate Conveyor Chains with Best Sales

Stainless Steel Table Top Plate Conveyor Chains

Hzpt Table Top Plate Conveyor Chains and components are leading solutions designed to continuously improve customer productivity in a variety of applications. With more than 120 years of experience, hzpt provides the world’s most extensive selection of high-quality chains, components, sprockets and accessories. Our team of experienced application engineers and industry experts is committed to helping you choose the ideal product for your application.

Purchase a flat Table Top Plate Conveyor Chains suitable for all table top flat tooth sprockets at hzpt. Desktop chain is a maintenance free planar chain. According to different materials, its running angle can be as high as 700 degrees or less than 40 degrees. This type of chain increases the sprocket life, reduces downtime, and eliminates gear pollution because it is a closed flexible chain. The table top horizontal chain is an ideal choice for cleaning operations because the equipment must be free of contaminants such as oil. The machine and conveying materials must not be in contact with oil, or when lubrication is difficult. The Table Top Plate Conveyor Chains is composed of a top plate made of carbon steel or stainless steel and a roller pin connecting rod. The roller pin connecting rod connects the connecting rod together to form a flat and flexible part on the edge surface of the part. The chain runs horizontally on the vertical sprocket and is very easy to disassemble for quick maintenance.

Features and benefits of Table top Plate Chains

▍Designed for a wide range of conveyor applications in many industries
▍Straight and side bend options for easy installation and reduced footprint
▍Adapt to unique application environments with innovative surface options
▍Narrow table top chain width for multi strand and variable speed conveyors
▍Application of flat top chain with continuous conveying surface to meet the requirements of larger width
▍Flat top chain configuration assembled by width, customizable size
▍Reduce container dumping and congestion at transfer points
▍Desktop chain for high strength and high speed applications


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We also provide sprockets to match your roller chains:

Packaging Display of Roller Chains

Our chain is most commonly supplied in 10ft boxes including 1 connecting link per box, but we can also supply this chain at custom lengths as needed. We also offer a full line of good-quality sprockets for this chain. For pricing and availability please contact us at any time.

Production Workshop of Roller Chains

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