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Comprehensive Guide on How to Machine Splines on a Shaft

When it comes to power transmission in mechanical systems, one cannot overlook the importance of splines on a shaft. In this article, we will explain the circumstances under which the problem of machining splines on a shaft occurs, offer several solutions, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to machine splines. We will also share insights on how to confirm if the problem has been resolved and preventive measures to avoid future occurrences.

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When Does the Need for Machining Splines on a Shaft Arise?

The need to machine splines on a shaft typically arises when there’s a requirement to transmit torque from one component to another within a mechanical system. This need may also arise during the manufacture of new equipment, repair, or replacement of worn-out splines.

Solutions for Machining Splines on a Shaft


One common method of machining splines is broaching. This process involves using a specially designed broach tool to cut the spline profiles into the shaft.


Milling is another prevalent method. Here, a milling machine is used to cut the spline profiles into the shaft.


Hobbing, often used in gear manufacturing, is also a viable solution for machining splines on a shaft. This process utilizes a hobbing machine to cut the splines.

Steps to Machine Splines on a Shaft

The following steps outline the general process of machining splines on a shaft:

  1. Marking out the spline positions on the shaft.
  2. Setting up the shaft in the machine.
  3. Choosing the appropriate tool for the machining process.
  4. Machining the splines on the shaft.
  5. Checking the splines for accuracy.

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Key Considerations When Machining Splines on a Shaft

When machining splines, it’s crucial to consider the following:

  • The type and size of the splines required.
  • The material of the shaft.
  • The machining process to be used.
  • The tooling requirements.

Confirming Problem Resolution and Preventive Measures

After the machining process, the splines can be checked for accuracy using a spline gauge. Additionally, regular maintenance and inspection of the shaft and splines can help prevent future issues.

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